Board Game Auction

Board Game Auction

June 26, 2021

Announcing the 2021 Board Game Auction!
As part of our continuing plan to get the event center open for gaming by mid-July or so, we are hosting an all-day Board Game Auction on Saturday June 26th! This will be the first event at Games and Stuff in over 14 months!

This will be a ticketed event, with an attendance cap of 75 people.
Your $5 entry fee will be immediately credited back to you when you finalize your purchases from the auction. You can pre-register for the event, starting now!

You can also opt for $5 add-on “Treasure Tickets”, which will get you one free randomly selected vintage used game from a pre-selected pool of titles. These games are some mostly oddball stuff from the 1960s through the 1990s, and even features some of the same stuff that will be auctioned off throughout the day. It’s a way for us to have a bit of fun while you also get to help G&S recover from a weird year. Oh, and did we mention we’ve seeded the random game pool with a nearly complete and refurbished original Dark Tower, plus Avalon Hill’s Age of Renaissance, and a complete copy of the Dragonlance board game?
Additional Treasure Tickets (each good for one additional free game) will be available until 1pm on the day of the event for $5 each, while supplies last. These freebie games will be distributed at 1pm.

It all starts at 10 am and we’ll keep going until everything is gone! Please note, unlike auctions in the past, we are not accepting games from customers for the auction this time around. This auction has one goal! To eliminate what’s left of the Board Game Vault, that enormous collection of vintage games we acquired last summer and has been occupying our game room ever since.

Most lots will start the bidding at one dollar! Auctions will be ongoing throughout the day, but as noted below, there’s a few special times allotted for certain categories.

  • 10am admission and buyer sign-ins begin.
  • 11am live auctions begin.
  • 1pm Treasure Ticket prizes awarded, after which we’ll break for lunch
  • 2:30pm Wargames! (Avalon Hill, SPI, etc.)
  • 5pm High dollar “collectible” lots (starting bids will be higher than $1)


Masks will be required for the entirety of the event. Thank you for your continued patience in this regard as we get our entire staff vaccinated and solidify our plans for keeping everyone safe, unvaccinated children included, as we navigate back to normalcy.

Ready to get your tickets? Click on the links below!