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Ascension: return of the fallen is the newest set for the popular deck-building Game ascension: deck building Game. The 65-card ascension: return of the fallen is playable as a 2 player stand-alone Game, or can be combined with ascension: deck building Game for an expanded Game with up to six players. With its 65 all-new cards for the center deck, the return of the fallen provides players with the ability to face the God Samael in a final battle to determine the fate of Vigil. It also includes a new fate mechanic that can change the Game with a single flip of a card. Ascension: deck building Game revolves around a center deck containing heroes, constructs, and monsters. Players take turns recruiting heroes or constructs for their decks or defeating monsters to earn honor and ultimate victory. Ascension: deck building Game joins other deck-building games including Dominion, thunderstone and resident evil and fantasy flights living card games (call of Cthulhu, Warhammer invasion and Game of Thrones) as a new category of games that continue to increase in popularity. These games combine complexity of combat-focused card Game experience with the benefit of not having to Chase powerful randomly distributed, blindly-packaged cards.

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