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A multi-award-winning book with 5 star reviews! "A must have for all children!", "Spectacular!" "Timeless." "It's a beautiful book with a beautiful story that should be part of every child's library!" 

A best seller in Children's Books on Bullying and Children's Books about Birthdays
  • Reader's Favorite 5 Star Award
  • Mom's Choice Award, Gold Winner
  • Purple Dragonfly Book Awards
    • Picture Books 5 & Younger, Honorable Mention
    • School Issues, Honorable Mention
  • Moonbeam Children's Book Award
    • Picture Books 4-8, Bronze
  • National Indie Book Award, 13th Annual
    • Picture Books All Ages, Finalist
    • Children's Inspirational/Motivational
  • International Book Award
    • Children's Mind/Body/Spirit, Finalist
    • Children's Picture Book Hardcover Fiction, Finalist
  • American Fiction Award
    • Children's Mind/Body/Spirit, Winner
  • Next Generation Indie Books Award
    • Children's Picture Book (0-5 Years), Finalist

When Zafera goes to school for the first time, all the children laugh and tease. But, Zafera does not understand so she just smiles. A beautiful story about shining bright no matter what, because our differences are our greatest gifts. And if you do, others will eventually see.

Zafera is a beautiful little girl, yet she often has dirt on her hands and twigs in her hair. When Zafera goes to school for the first time, all the children stare and tease. Find out how she becomes the most popular girl in school!

A perfect picture book and birthday gift for children and girls ages 3 year to 8 years. Grades Pre-K through Grade 3. A homeschool story and teachers favorite as well as little girl bookshelf. Ginger and red head girls love this!
Reader's Favorite 5 Star Review!
The Dirt Girl by Jodi Dee is a picture story book dedicated to all children who feel different, be it because of their appearance, their family background, the color of their skin or simply because they enjoy a different kind of lifestyle than the majority.

The latter is the case for Zafera. She's a rather pretty girl with lush ginger hair, a sweet smile, and a natural appearance. And nature is something she cares about a lot. When she's ready to go to school, she is looking forward to meeting other boys and girls, but soon finds out that
 they judge her negatively because she always has flowers in her hair and some dirt on her clothes. She invites all the children to her birthday and all of them accept. The children have no idea how surprised they will be when they see Zafera's home! The magic of the earth, nature and animals abound in this story.

The design of The Dirt Girl by Jodi Dee is very beautiful. You can lose yourself in the illustrations, and I found Zafera's home to be beautiful. I'd like to live there myself. It's a bit like a mix of Hobbit and elf homes! Just looking at the images actually relaxes you. The story is the main draw of the book. It's a lovely little tale of a girl who is different - but in a way that should be encouraged. She is mocked by others because they do not understand her. After all, they are used to a world of technology and know little of nature. And as we know, the unknown causes fear and fear causes people to lash out in various ways. In this case, it's a form of bullying.
It's a beautiful book with a beautiful story that should be part of every child's library!



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