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Take on the role of iconic Victorian era villains as you explore a cursed castle, seeking deadly weapons and forbidden powers with which to slay your opponents and claim victory by becoming the final survivor.

Ransack rooms to draw cards that along with your Villain’s unique Talents allow you to avoid misfortune and punish those who would stand against you.

Position yourself next to an opponent to claim the dreaded ‘Power of Adjacency,’ then laugh as you steer them into the castle’s many fiendish traps and hazards.

Slay other Villains to claim their souls, spent at The Dark Tower for monstrously powerful rewards.

In death become a ghost, gambling on the fate of the castle and its occupants for a chance to return to life and claim revenge! Or adopt a very different form as your visit The Vault to become The Vampire, an agile and deadly creature with only a few weaknesses hidden within the castle.

Will you survive the night?

Player Count: 2 - 8

Duration: 45 - 90 minutes

Setup Time: 10 minutes

Age Rating: 14+

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