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Deranged is a gothic semi-cooperative adventure game where 3 to 6 players must survive three days and nights in a city overrun with unrestrained horrors.
During the day, the players roam the city fighting monsters, fulfilling their individual objectives, gathering up useful items to craft stronger decks, barricading doors and getting rid of the curses they might have gotten — doing everything to get ready for the night.

The nights are way more dangerous not only because each action will cost characters their Sanity, but also at least one of the players will be turned into a horrific monster — the Deranged of the title. The Deranged plays with a more powerful side of the cards and the only way for them to reclaim their humanity is to kill another player.
There is no permanent player elimination: when you die, you lose your items, resurrect at the graveyard, and draw a curse that you will have to get rid of later.

At the break of the fourth dawn, you have to not be Deranged, not cursed and reach the Enchanted Gate to leave the city. If at least one of these conditions is not met, you lose. If at any point during the game all players turn into the Deranged, they instantly lose.

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