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In Emergency Broadcast, players act as first responders on a mission to secure resources for the residents of their community. Over three rounds, floodwaters rise becoming more treacherous and leaving less available land and resources. The winner is the player who best meets their rescue objectives and earns the most points after three stormy rounds.

Each round, players are dealt three objective cards, of which they must choose two objectives they wish to work toward during the round.

Turn Order:
  1. LAY A TILE – lay a resource tile on the board.
  2. EXCHANGE A TILE – If desired, you may exchange a tile from your hand for a new tile.
  3. SCORE AN OBJECTIVE CARD – If you choose, you may score one of your two objective cards.
  4. MOVE THE FIRST RESPONDER MEEPLE – place the first responder meeple on top of the tile just played. This prevents the next player from immediately sabotaging your resources.
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