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The Firefly-class ship is a multipurpose, mid-bulk transport boat designed by the Allied Spacecraft Corporation. From when the first series one hit the market in Feb 2435 to the latest series four model July 2513 they represent one of the most versatile and readily available ship types in the known verse. The Tohoka-class cruiser was conceived and a mobile base for pacification operations, and a visible symbol for Alliance prestige and power. In essence, the Tohoka-class cruiser is a self-contained space city the provides a platform for the Alliance to bring civilization to the backwards worlds of the Rim. Reaver Starships are abominations: older line models for the most part, often no longer used by other inhabitants of the 'verse. They are festooned with random bits of debris and ghoulish junk, a characteristic paint scheme of red slashes, and skeletons of their prey, and are frequently armed with magnetic grapplers with which to seize victim ships.

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