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Only a few years after the mysterious, advanced, and powerful Free Radicals appeared around the world, one is on the verge of revealing its secrets - the Sphere. Will your faction unlock its knowledge first?

In Free Radicals, players take control of one of the ten fully asymmetrical factions that make up the interconnected community of Sphere City, a thriving community built underneath the Sphere. The factions are competing for influence and knowledge, each hoping to lead society into its next stage!

Your faction will be wildly unique, with its own mechanics, goals, and philosophy, while all factions make use of the same core data cards, favor system, and Sphere research tokens. You'll even be able to help other players with their research into the Sphere, earning favor and other rewards for your trouble, while hopefully not helping them too much!

Earn victory points through objectives, favor, knowledge, resources, and more. The faction that earns the most victory points wins the game, leading Sphere City and humanity at large into its bold new future!

• Farmers: Farmers use Free Radicals to grow healthier, more sustainable crops.

• Executives: Executives forecast the future using Free Radical algorithms.

• Artisans: Artisans inspire whole new genres of art using hardlight technology from Free Radicals.

• Underground: The Underground are a clandestine group sharing the latest findings of Free Radical research.

• Merchants: Merchants seize the opportunity to sell bits and pieces of the Free Radicals for a profit.

• Hoteliers: Hoteliers develop real estate for tourists who want to see the Free Radicals.

• Couriers: Couriers are needed to securely delivers Free Radical tech to labs around Sphere City.

• Entertainers: Entertainers broadcast live performances on, near, or about the Free Radicals.

• Adventurers: Adventurers explore the new urban environments growing Building around Free Radicals.

• Paladins: Paladins want to ensure Free Radical tech is used for the greater good.

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 45-90 minutes