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The planet is plunged into darkness after a pair of massive solar flares overwhelm earth’s protective magnetic field. The electrical and communication grids are destroyed, leaving behind a stunned, bewildered, and unprepared population to deal with the aftermath.Cell phones no longer function, television screens are dark, and the radio waves carry nothing more than static. With no electricity and few operating vehicles, the government ceases to function in a matter of hours.Colonel Levi York, retired, was looking forward to life as a civilian, away from the responsibilities and stress associated with leadership. He had served his country well, with honor and distinction, and had plans for a quiet, relaxing future.All of that changes, however, when Levi’s community is plunged into turmoil as society evaporates around them. Grey Wolves is a story of average, everyday people who suddenly find themselves surrounded by an unforgiving world void of modern conveniences, emergency services, and the support they’ve come to depend on. This exciting new series, by best-selling author, Joe Nobody, takes the reader along on the fast-paced adventures of survival in a vicious, post-apocalyptic world. Will a lifetime of experience help Levi and his friends withstand the threats and challenges they face? Do they have the fortitude to endure? Will their knowledge of the old ways be enough to keep them alive?


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