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Battle your friends with powerful creatures and spectacular spells in Magic's most popular multiplayer format. Build the Machine Legion and deal out some royal pain with the corrupted king Brimaz. Create a lion's share of incubator tokens that transform into deadly Phyrexians when you're finally ready to pounce!

Brimaz, Blight of Oreskos
A champion of peace and justice on his home plane of Theros, Brimaz was a beloved leonin leader who tragically fell during the Phyrexian invasion. Though he was reborn under the Phyrexian thrall, his desire for peace remained - by means of a new age of Phyrexian perfection.

Planechase is a cool way to shake up your Commander games with your friends. Use a deck of plane cards and a special planar die to trigger unique abilities and jump across the Multiverse!

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