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Mortum: Medieval Detective is a deductive adventure game. It will immerse you in the dark atmosphere of a world reminiscent of medieval Europe with all its legends, superstitions, and fears. See the mysterious and exciting events through the eyes of agents of a secret organization. The events taking place in the game will depend on your choice, so proceed with caution. . . and welcome to Mortum!

 • Recruit your team of characters, who are ready for any twists and turns in the investigation!

 • Many actions will take time to complete, so choose what to do wisely!

 • Set up surveillance, send your agents for covert searches, raids, and other possible interactions.

 • Unravel many intricate stories and meet many new characters over the course of three scenarios linked by a single plot. The included scenarios are The Informant, The Mysterious Place, and The Encounter.

338 Cards
64 Tokens
1 Welcome Sheet

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-6
Game Length: 100-180 minutes

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