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Secrets of the Lost Station is a cooperative, 1-6 player game of sci-fi, action-adventure, and exploration, which is a highly detailed and unique sequel to Secrets of the Lost Tomb, set one thousand years into the future!

With a new highly detailed story and the thematic universe, extending the lore of the Secrets of the Lost Epic Saga, Secrets of the Lost Station will stand on its own, as a new Core Game, while also allowing players to expand upon the original Tomb-Crawling core game. Players assume the roles of the last surviving members of an over 4000-year-old secret society known as the Eternal Order of Perseus; with their perpetual mission: to face intergalactic dangers, seek out and collect alien artifacts of immense power, protect allied races from otherworldly powers, and defend the galaxy against an unknown evil that threatens to drain the life-force of all that it encounters!

What's Inside:

Each of the game’s "Story Telling", Exploration-Driven campaigns has its own unique theme, flavor, and powerful boss creature bringing you into the rich and detailed lore of The Station: Encounter Ra, god of the Sun, but not as you know him from legend, but as a leader of an alien race. Drive back the forces of Sil'ahan, Empress of R'lyeh and stop her from destroying the Station, and heralding chaos to the galaxy! And so much more...

Each scenario offers new challenges and rewards, filled with fateful choices leading players to thrilling adventures and cliffhangers: Work with allied races to achieve objectives and survive scenario triggered events that are vital to saving the galaxy, but a threat to your team's survival. Race against time while your exploration party defends the Station against sinister plots and gruesome monstrosities that will push you to the brink of death. Despite the risk, you press on knowing that every successful decision made, and each trial survived, protects the Station from the fate that lurks in the shadows that surround you. 

During scenarios, players take actions to progress the narrative; face combat with creatures, search for powerful resources, and repair malfunctioning systems,  all while overcoming the threats that await in the unexplored depths of the Station. As you explore newly discovered rooms, your mind will also expand as the Secrets of the Lost Station are revealed: Uncover ancient technology from civilizations of old. Take command of newly restored systems from the bridge. And enter the sanctum that will bring you to realize your true potential, and unlock the ultimate power of the Station.

Are you ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime?!