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This sticker sheet is pawfully cute

All cat lovers know how wily their feline friends can be, and this Stickiville sticker sheet celebrates their silly, crafty ways! The funny cat stickers on this sheet feature designs that show off their unique personalities (along with their love of a good nap!).

Any fan of the feline will absolutely adore this sticker sheet from the Stickiville collection. Whether you can relate to the cat sticker featuring the feline leaping for the mouse, or the one where he just can’t leave that goldfish alone, or the one where he’s doing his favorite activity - napping - these cat stickers have something for everyone! These vinyl stickers add some finicky personality to your things, and best of all, they’re good for a great giggle!

  • Cat inspired sticker sheet
  • Designs feature a variety of funny cats napping, playing, and getting into mischief
  • Includes one sticker sheet of cat-themed stickers
  • Vinyl stickers with transparent backgrounds
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up
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