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If player driven economics and collecting fish tokens intrigues you, step into the Tsukiji Market and become engulfed in a world of supply and demand with perceptive value.

TOKYO TSUKIJI MARKET evolves around players investing in certain fish markets, then using the licenses obtained there to fish and sell their catch to other players at a price they choose. On top of this is a variable set of central markets, each with their own unique rules and resources that can be utilized throughout the game.

The goal is to earn the most yen, but this will be offset by a resource score that will keep everyone on their sea legs!


・6 double layer harbor cards with port coverings

・16 custom resin Japanese fishing ships in various sizes

・16 unique market boards

・32 license chits

・54 wooden fishing barrels

・106 custom shaped wooden fish resources

・70 yen chits

・1 tuna bag