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The British Invasion is a Vinyl band expansion that builds on the base game of Vinyl and introduces the Listening Booth and singles (aka 45s). Historically, 45s were purchased to initially and eventually encouraged buyers to acquire the associated LP album or even another album from the band. In BI, players can acquire 45s by matching the band icon. Each 45 has an "A-side" with locked attributes that can be unlocked at the Listening Booth. At the Listening Booth, players will discard a magazine card with one matching icon to flip the 45 to its "B-side" giving the player more points and the opportunity to use the 45 to acquire LPs with similar attributes in future rounds. BI leverages the same collection rewards system (Pure, Mixed, Double Mixed) that comes in the base game and can be further integrated with Top Shelf, Publisher Expansion, Clearance Bin, or even the memorabilia from Masters of Metal!

This is not a standalone game. A copy of Vinyl is required to play. 

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