Disney Lorcana has arrived at Games and Stuff!

Disney Lorcana has arrived at Games and Stuff!

Hi, I’m Paul, the owner of Games and Stuff.
Lorcana is easily one of the most anticipated releases of the past few years, I wanted to take a moment to address how we’ll be handling this game in the coming weeks.

Hot new collectible games like this are always a lot of fun, but they’re often marked by high emotions as prices go crazy and stock runs low. If you were around for the Pokemon boom in 2020, you know how this might go. For Lorcana, we’ve already heard about (or even seen) some crazy stories about the release at Gen Con a few weeks ago, and the internet buzz is white hot. I mean, it’s Disney.

Games and Stuff is getting what I consider a fair amount of stock. It’s not nearly what we’d hoped, but it’s as much as any store I’ve heard of across the country. Pricing on collectible items like this is always a bit of needle-threading. We always price our collectible games like Magic: The Gathering with the current market prices in mind, but with Lorcana, we’re seeing a repeat of Pokemon 2020, with many “collectors” buying with the express purpose of flipping them online for profit.

With that in mind, at least for this exclusive two-week period before wide release, we’ll be priced above MSRP, but below going market value. Our goal is to provide Lorcana items for cheaper than what you will find them for online, but at a price that will discourage flippers and keep the players local. This is a proven strategy for maintaining stock levels as long as possible and getting cards into the hands of as many players as possible. We’ll also be limiting customer purchases to one of each type of Lorcana item. Current stock is quite limited, but we have confirmed a sizable restock of Lorcana booster boxes sometime in September.

Speaking of web sales, we’re not currently planning on selling Lorcana online at all until at least September 1st.

Games and Stuff is also a Lorcana Organized Play location! Which means in addition to our Learn-to-Play event on Saturday August 19, we’ll also be hosting weekly events on Thursdays, starting next week on August 24. These events will be reasonably priced to encourage in-store play and build community. Want some of those sweet sweet promos cards? You’ll have to play in our events.
More details to come on that front.



  • For now, we’ll be priced above MSRP, but below market price.
  • We’re limiting purchases to one of each type of product. That’s one booster box, one Trove, one Gift box, and one each of the three Starters. 
  • Quantities are limited, but we expect our supply of Starter Decks to last a while.
  • We will not be selling online until at least September 1st.
  • We’re committed to hosting Lorcana events in store. A Learn-to-Play event is this Saturday August 20, and we’ll be running weekly events on Thursday nights going forward, with more details to come. This will be the best way to acquire more cards cheaply, and we’ll have a lot of promos available for players to chase after.
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