Is July TCG Month at Games and Stuff?

Is July TCG Month at Games and Stuff?

Hey friends!
July is almost upon us, and here at Games and Stuff we've almost accidentally realized that this month is PACKED with Trading Card Game events! Are TCGs your thing? Or would you like to learn a new one? Read on!

Star Wars Unlimited Shadows of the Galaxy Pre-Release July 6th, 7th, and 9th

Star Wars Unlimited has been one of the hottest releases of the year, and the second set Shadows of the Galaxy is finally upon us! Come out to one of our pre-release events and play with the new cards ahead of the full release on Friday July 12th. Shadows of the Galaxy focuses on smugglers, bounty hunters and the Outer Rim of the Star Wars universe, introducing such seminal characters as Jabba the Hutt, Din Djarin, the Bad Batch, and more.

You've got three opportunities to play in a pre-release event! Click the links below for tickets!

Saturday July 6th 11am
Sunday July 7th 12pm
Tuesday July 9th 6pm

Disney Lorcana Ursula's Return Championship Saturday July 13th 10am

Disnay Lorcana continues to be one of the more popular weekly events that we run at the store. And just as with the previous set, we'll be hosting an Ursula's Return Store Championship! This Core Constructed event takes place Saturday July 13th at 10am and you'll have the opportunity to win an  exclusive Ursula Sea Witch playmat!

Tickets here!: Lorcana Ursula's Return Championship

Pokemon Battle Academy Sunday July 14th

Do you find that your house is filled with piles of Pokemon cards but nobody is actually playing the game? Want to learn? We've created a special event just for you or your kids!

Your $10 gets you a Pokemon Battle Academy Box Set (valued at $30) and we'll have a certified Pokemon Trainer on hand to teach you the ins and outs of the game! And parents get in for free! (unless you want a Battle Academy for yourself!)

Sign up now! Pokemon Battle Academy

Altered Roadshow Saturday July 20th 1-6pm

Hot off the heels of the highest dollar amount ever raised for a crowdfund trading card game, the Altered Roadshow will be hitting Games and Stuff again on Saturday July 20th. This will be their third visit, and the staff at the shop is incredibly excited about the impending release.

What is Altered? A beautiful game with an innovative design from the mind behind Dixit, Seasons, Mysterium, Dice Forge and more. Turn out to this FREE event, to learn and play the game before Games and Stuff gets it sometime in August, weeks before the official release in September.

Altered Roadshow

Magic: the Gathering Bloomburrow Pre-Release Friday July 26th through Sunday July 28th

Finally, Magic's big release of the season hits at the end of the month.
Easily one of the most anticipated sets in recent years, Bloomburrow takes players to a brand new plane inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. Think Redwall or Mouse Guard meets Magic. As always, we've got a huge spread of events to choose from.

Tickets below!

Magic the Gathering Bloomburrow Prerelease Friday at 3 | Friday at 7 | Saturday Coffee & Donuts at 8 | Saturday at 12 | Saturday at 4 | Sunday Sealed at 12 | Two-Headed Giant at 1


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