Keyforge Vault Tour Baltimore Recap

Keyforge Vault Tour Baltimore Recap

The Vault has closed in Baltimore!

A huge thank you to all the Keyforge players for an astounding Vault Tour Baltimore! We hosted 82 players, who converged on Games and Stuff from all over North America to compete in three different formats and countless side events.
Additional thanks to the Ghost Galaxy team for running a seamless event, and to Christian Petersen for trusting us to host. It was my delight to have you all in our store.


Games and Stuff (and me personally) has been a huge proponent of Keyforge since it was first released back in 2018, and we're very happy to see the game growing again under the stewardship of Ghost Galaxy. The energy and attitude of all the attendees this weekend was some of the best I've ever encountered at a premiere-level competitive tournament event, and it's our fondest wish that if they so wish, Ghost Galaxy will allow us to do this all again in the 2025 season.

Best of luck to all the winners as they advance towards the World Championship!

Finally, I'd like to personally thank Team Bay Witch, our local Games & Stuff-based Keyforge team. I've traveled and played with these folks many times, and they've supported our store and the game from the very beginning. They have been champions and evangelists of the game for many years, and kept the fires of the Crucible burning through the pandemic, the publisher change, and beyond.

Wanna learn more about Keyforge?
We host an event every Thursday night at the store, and we've got some weekend tournaments and learn-to-play events coming up in the near future. See our event calendar or talk to the team to get involved!

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