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Action 12 Cinema is a GM-less, zero prep, collaborative roleplaying game for telling B-level action movie stories with handfuls of 12-sided dice. The game uses several d12 based tables along with player choices to outline a bad (but fun) B-grade action movie. Players take turns as the Active Player by setting scenes and describing actions. Whatever they say happens, happens. The game uses a simple d12 dice pool resolution system to determine if what happened helped move the scene forward. The game leans into the bad (but fun) action movie tropes allowing players to leverage common tropes for bonuses on their rolls. There is no narrative weight assigned to what's being described. So there is no difference in attacking a space vampire with a laser-steak or challenging their leader to a dance-off; winner gets the earth. Both can lead to victory, as long as the dice say so. The game works best with 3-6 players and can be played in 3-5 hours. It's designed for one-shots at conventions or maybe when your regular game isn't going to happen because of GM burnout or a missing player or similar. While you can string multiple sessions together like a film franchise there is no campaign play or character advancement built into the system.

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