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Deluxe Advanced Squad Leader contains eight full-color, geomorphic 11" x 26" mapboards depicting both urban and countryside terrain, eight sheets of overlays to modify the terrain, and 38 scenarios designed for play on the boards.

Deluxe ASL is simply ASL without stacking. It features an enlarged 2.2" hex scale, making ASL more playable than ever. There is sufficient room in each hex to place over a dozen counters without stacking, making the game both easier and faster to play. Informational counters can often be laid alongside units to avoid obscuring them, and the need for some informational counters (like Covered Arc markers) is eliminated based on unit placement within a hex. Some players even use miniatures on these boards to increase their enjoyment.

Deluxe ASL includes all the boards and all the scenarios from the long out-of-print STREETS OF FIRE and HEDGEROW HELL. The eight original boards (a-h) have been repainted by Charlie Kibler and finished in the "tri-fold" style of Deluxe maps i-l from Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #9 (with which they are completely compatible). The original 18 Deluxe ASL scenarios are included, all updated and rebalanced as needed. Charlie has also repainted the original Deluxe ASL overlays (from the 1995 ANNUAL), four additional sheets of wooden and stone rubble overlays, and two sheets of new terrain overlays to provide maximum flexibility for future scenario designers. Twenty additional, out-of-print Deluxe ASL scenarios are also included, updated, and rebalanced as needed.

These features make this package attractive to all ASL players, whether they have been Deluxe fans for 30 years or never before got the chance to play on the bigger hexes.

—description from the back of the box

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