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This is the mission: Captain Pitt Schmitt's diary, discovered by chance, tells the tragic story of his research submarine VEGA, which sank in a storm. The crew managed to save themselves, but the important records of the marine biologists were torn down with it. The search for the VEGA is a challenge: only one dive per day is allowed to explore a different underwater area. The voyage was successful if the marine explorer's notes are found within 24 days. But it won't be easy, because every day a mystery has to be solved. Clever combination skills, imagination and creativity are now required. But don't worry, if things get stuck, there is a table on the back of the pack with 2 tips for each puzzle and a breakdown of the solution. Who will manage to reveal the secret of VEGA?

Advent season will be more exciting than ever as an escape room! Each of the 24 virtual rooms - one for each day of Advent season - will offer a thrilling riddle. Solving it will lead on to the next room and step by step you will reveal the mystery of the sunken submarine.

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