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ALEWOOD is a Wild West party game where your pint is your pistol! An inclusive and accessible card game that changes your strategy as you sip your pint - silliness required, alcohol is optional. Drinking is never used as punishment so enjoy your beverage of choice while you build reputations, act out hilarious card prompts and enter dangerous shootouts!

Outlaws have overrun the town of Alewood holding its citizens in a grip of terror. But when the citizens learn about the bounty on each outlaw's head... they "heroically" spring into action, banding together to take back their home! Sharing the danger but never the glory... nor the bounty.

In Alewood, your pint in your pistol. Drink to alter your shooting speed, play skill cards to forge your reputation and discard your hand to unleash a barrage of bullets and capture multiple outlaws. But watch out! These outlaws won't go down without a fight. Surprise attacks and unique abilities will keep each game unpredictable and competitive. Your fellow players can also play hinder cards onto you. Tarnishing your reputation and giving you outlandish prompts to perform during the game. If you fail to perform your hinders, you will be forced to discard - effectively making it harder for you to capture outlaws during shootouts.

WITNESS your reputation change throughout the game!

WATCH your friends act ridiculous just to keep their cards!

PUNISH your opponents for not acting silly enough!

GAIN permanent upgrades when you finish your pint. Never drink as a punishment!

Justice will be served through the wicked deeds of good people.

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