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Inspired by classic written works of sci-fi horror, as well as space horror films of the '70s, '80s, and '90s, ALL MUST BOW is a TTRPG setting designed not from the perspective of the triumphant investigator or hapless stumbler turned hero, but from the view of the villain. As champions and scions of ageless god-monsters that exist behind the curtain of space and time, the player-characters suborn, consume, pollute, and bring ruin to worlds across the unfortunate universe. Bloated with unclean power, yet faced with the dissolution of all existence, will you continue to serve as everything falls apart? Or will you perish in a futile attempt to defy your masters?

We present a game for players and storytellers who want to explode the old familiar sci-fi tropes and explore villainy on a cosmic scale at the same time. Designed with rules-light systems in mind but adaptable to crunchier rulesets, AMB attempts to blur the line between player and Storyteller by creating a group-built universe with narrative-focused play. 

In other words...

  • Play as the champion of an ancient evil presence from beyond time and space!
  • Fight against an entropic universe as you attempt to spread your cosmic overlord's will!
  • Form tentative alliances with the scions of other alien horrors to complete your dreadful work!
  • Set yourself adrift in a limitless space opera landscape or narrow your focus to a single alien planet or space station!
  • You design your Dreadful Ancient Thing, your species, your homeworld, and your champion in vivid detail!

ALL MUST BOW is a 70 page system-agnostic ttrpg setting meant to be used as an overlay for your favorite ruleset. In addition to the story-forward character creation and play guides, each chapter is embellished with rich prose and evocative illustrations detailing foul ascendancies, forbidden histories, and foreboding artifacts aimed at reinforcing the feel of the setting as well as providing inspiration to both Storytellers and players alike. We like to think it evokes the feel of those dark, early '90s monster-focused games without all of the crunch and metaplot.

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