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BETA RED is rules-lite cyberpunk roleplaying game of high risk and high reward using a unique d6 dice pool system to hit an action’s Target Number. In the high tech meets low-life world of BETA RED, the lines between man and machine have become blurred. From the sleek designer-ware of the Ultra Rich to the hardened combat-ware of the gangster next door, and the only limit to becoming what you want is whether you’ve earned enough creds to afford it…

Beta Red places the players in a cyberpunk world of flying cars, sentient (playable) Robots, augemented Humans, designer Clones, and clandestine Psychics, blending the eastern and western versions of the cyberpunk genre into a single, rules-lite system. The players need only have a handful of d6s and their creativity to play.

"In the not so distant future, humanity’s hold as the dominant race was almost subsumed by robots. A drug made it possible for humans to graft cybernetic enhancements to their bodies without organ rejection.

Those with access to this drug can transcend humanity’s limits and compete with the machines that threaten the definition of being “human.” This drug is named...



This is a unique system created by author Scott Uhls, creator of the Maximum Apocalypse RPG, and uses pools of d6s to accomplish "actions" in the high intensity world of Beta Red. Will you rake in the creds and build your legacy, or will you end up on the slab? The choice is yours.

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