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So You Think You Know Better?

Who will be the biggest know-it-all - or "Bezzerwizzer"? In this quiz game, you can earn points for answering your own questions correctly - and for answering your opponents' questions, too. If your rival doesn't know how many rooms the White House has or what a bibliophile collects, use a BEZZERWIZZER tile to claim the points.

And if you're more into cookbooks than capitals, play a ZWAP tile and swap your Geography question with your opponents' Food & Drink question.

With a wide variety of interesting questions and a fun tactical twist on traditional trivia games, Bezzerwizzer has taken Scandinavia by storm. Since its launch in 2006, people have been quizzing ZWAPPING, and shouting "BEZZERWIZZER!" in millions of homes all over Scandinavia.

Now available in the United States, you can play your new favorite trivia game and come together with your friends and family for a Bezzerwizzer night full of trivia, tactics, and trickery!

Ages: 15+
Players: 2-12
Game Length: 45-60 minutes

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