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You awake, disoriented, foggy. You are alone…silence. You shamble through shadowy corridors webbed with mycelium growths slithering towards you. Opaque blackened clouds of haunting fog loom in a cramped tunnel teeming with unnatural fungal forms beckoning you to come closer. Ghostly black figures dart through the effluvium spurring paranoid thoughts as your inner voice asks “is someone there or am I losing my mind?”

You begin to feel weak, your psyche slips, your dread mounts. Your survival instinct suddenly kicks in and you realize that if you're here much longer, you may never leave. Can you escape the Black Mold?

In Black Mold you are an escaped prisoner trying to find your way out of an abandoned subterranean prison compound. Black undulating fungal growths coat every surface of these corridors, emitting ghostly clouds that poison the air. To avoid breathing the harmful, hallucinogenic mist, you must limit your exposure and make your escape.

This is simulated in the game by limiting the length of your turn to how long you're able to physically hold your breath.

A tense, "co-op till it's not" survival horror escape.

Work together or don't, there are many ways to explore, survive, interact and escape. With rasping fungal thralls lurking in the darkness, the other prisoners...? You can trust them...until they die and become changed.

A monochromatic nightmare that never scares you the same way twice.

With 70 areas to reveal and survive, numerous items to find and craft, 6 unique prisoners to play and multiple win conditions every harrowing escape is different than the last.

Deep thematic immersion through thoughtful, intense mechanisms.

Whether quickly forming "Neural paths" to expand the compound, mitigating your asymmetric prisoner vitality track, or chucking dice to search for that essential item you need so you can craft the torch, BLACK MOLD will challenge your body and your mind while clinging to its bleak survival horror aesthetic.

A Game you play to play more than you play to win.

Whether bolting for the exit alone, working together as a tight-knit team, or perishing in the fungal fog and returning to kill everyone as a Fungal Thrall - each game of Black Mold is an unfolding story that creates tense, fun, and harrowing moments that will stay with you, win or lose.

—description from the designer

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