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Blue Moon Deep Shade is recommended for application over light, bluish and greenish tones.


Deep Shades are formulated to obtain simple and fast shading on small scale miniatures, while maintaining an overall matte finish.

They make the painting of miniature armies easy and efficient, allowing to us work in three simple steps: Base-Deep Shade-Light.

They are formulated with micro-dispersed pigments (less than one micron) in pure acrylic resins to slightly tint the volumes and accentuate the contrast of the shadows where the product accumulates.

The product presents a perfect balance between fluidity and viscosity, the latter being superior to enamel washes to facilitate the retention of the pigment in the folds and nooks, an essential issue when working on figures that usually keep a vertical position.

They have a perfect grip and resistance.

Special formula that avoids bubbles.

Once dry, they do not reactivate with water or with their own medium.

It is recommended not to wet the areas of application in order not to slow down the drying time.

It is advisable to apply two light coats in case you want to deepen the effect.

It is recommended to use its own medium (AK13010) in case you need more transparency or want to reduce the contrast.

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