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A gathering of wisdom, advice, and tips from Keepers for Keepers of the Call of Cthulhu RPG.

Released as part of the 10th anniversary Call of Cthulhu, this book is aimed at anyone - whether veteran or novice - who plays this well-loved game, but is particularly aimed at those who undertake to run, referee, and potentially craft their own scenarios.

The information herein stems from a diverse range of people, some who have been running the game since its birth, and others who might be considered to have "fresher" outlooks. All have presented what they consider to be their most useful and insightful advice.

Some of the tips are contradictory. Some repeat or reinforce advice. Imagine, if you will, that you are with a group of experienced Keepers, each sharing and building upon the ideas of others. Take from this what you will. You may agree or disagree with some things. That's good. consider the advice and turn it into something useful for you. Or, just ignore the stuff that doesn't appeal. Hopefully, what's in these pages allows you to dip in once in a while and find a new nugget of inspiration.

128 pages
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