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Get Ready to Capture the Flag!
Challengers is an addictive Deck Management game with up to 4 duels played simultaneously in a unique Tournament gameplay style! Face a new opponent each round in an intense duel!

Draft New Teammates!
From outer space aliens to deep-sea creatures, draft over 70 different characters and their unique abilities. Create the most eclectic team with the perfect synergy! Surprise your opponent with epic combos!

Collect Trophies & Gain Fans!
Capture the flag and win trophies! After your 7th match, be one of the 2 players with the most trophies and fans! Reach The Ultimate Finale to become the Champion of Champions!

8 Starter Decks (6 Cards Each)
1 Robot Deck (19 Cards)
1 Basic City Set (20 Cards)
6 Add'l Sets (40 Cards Each)
  ‣ Castle
  ‣ Film Studio
  ‣ Funfair
  ‣ Haunted House
  ‣ Outer Space
  ‣ Shipwreck
4 Flag Tokens
40 Fans Tokens
28 Trophy Tokens
4 Parks Playmats
3 Plastic Card Trays

Ages: 8+
Players: 1-8
Game Length: 45 minutes

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