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Clue Maple Luxe Edition

Clue Maple Luxe Edition

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This Clue Luxe Edition combines beauty and elegance with a twist on the classic detective game. Swing into the roaring 20s while you unlock the secrets of Clue at the Roaring Ritzy Hotel! With lush Art Deco illustrations, this gorgeous edition features a solid maple wood cabinet with an integrated storage drawer and die-cast metal drawer pull. The striking foil-stamped Clue game board is built into the cabinet. Richness abounds in this 20s-themed set with premium components, including wood and die-cast metal tokens, metal weapons, foil-stamped solution envelope, and a boxed set of illustrated Clue cards.

Was it Miss Scarlett, the flapper? Or Green, the gangster? Solve it first and you’re the bee’s knees!

  • Deluxe solid maple wood cabinet with storage drawer
  • Die-cast metal drawer pull
  • Built-in foil-stamped Clue game board
  • Wood and die-cast tokens
  • Die-cast weapons
  • Illustrated cards with card box
  • Detective notepad
  • Foil-stamped solution envelope
  • Wood dice
  • Pencils
  • Instructions
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