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Second perhaps only to Triceratops as the most well-known Ceratopsian, Styracosaurus lacked the eyebrow horns of its cousin, but more than made up for it with 4-6 long spikes on its neck frill, and a nose horn that could measure up to two feet long! History: Styracosaurus was discovered in Alberta Canada in 1913 by C. M. Sternberg, and named by Lawrence Lambe. The purpose of Styracosaurus's large spikes and frill remain the subject of much debate among scientists.

Scientific Name: Styracosaurus (Spiked Lizard).

Characteristics: This Styracosaurus toy figure features the typical Ceratopsian body, with four legs, a short tail, and a scaly hide with smaller scales intermittently broken up by larger ones, based on fossilized Ceratopsian skin impressions. 

Size: Our Styracosaurus toy measures 8" long from its nose horn to the tip of its tail, and just over 3½" tall to the tip of its tallest frill spine.

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