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*Voted best dinosaur toy figure of 2018 by Prehistoric Times Magazine* Malawisaurus was a relatively small titanosaurid sauropod dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Period. Like other titanosaurs, it featured large dermal scales covering the skin on its back. History: Malawisaurus is one of the few titanosaurs whose discovered remains include skull material, giving us a better idea of what this animal and its relatives looked like in life. The name Malawisaurus refers to the place of discovery, in the Republic of Malawi in southeast Africa. It was originally described in 1928 by Sidney Haughton, who incorrectly believed it was a type of Gigantosaurus (a sauropod related to Diplodocus, now known as Tornieria).

Scientific Name: Malawisaurus dixeyi (meaning lizard from Malawi, Africa)

Characteristics: Like most sauropods, this Malawisaurus toy has a long neck and long tail. Its midsection is quite rotund, and its back is covered with an arrangement of ossicles, or dermal scales.


Non toxic and BPA FREE

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