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The Burmese Python is the third largest snake in the world. The largest examples can measure nearly 20 feet long. They are commonly kept as pets, and escaped or released pythons have established themselves as an invasive species in Florida. They are often selectively bred for unique colors and patterns, with the albino morph being one of the most popular.

Scientific Name: Python bivittatus.

Characteristics: This Burmese Python figure reflects a color pattern often referred to as albino, though it is more accurately amelanism. This figure is posed in a curled position, with its body winding back an forth in an S shape.

Size and Color: Instead of the dark brown color normally found in nature, this hand-painted figure is a yellow-cream color with peach orange blotches ringed with white. The figure measures 5½" wide, 3" long and ¾ of an inch high. It's about the size of a smart phone.

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