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Check into the Monster Hotel. . . if you DARE! Monster Hotel is the new and exciting story telling game from Laurence King.

Featuring28 room cards, children can arrange and rearrange the rooms to make up new stories about the residents in this hotel of fiendish and friendly creatures.

The cards are135mm x 100mm, making them a great size for little hands to pick up and play with. The cards come in a box which is the outside of the hotel and features some of the hotel's most interesting guests.

The cards can be used infree-play with players making up their own stories, but also comes with a booklet which suggests alternative games for more structuredplay-time.

Each card is richly illustrated and features a host of details that will engross and surprise players time and time again.

Monster Hotel is a wonderful game for fans of theStory Box series, looking for the next addition to their collection!

Check into the Monster Hotel. . . if you DARE! Each room is occupied by a different fiendish but friendly creature. The 28 room cards can be moved around to create different configurations and stories. The cards come in a box that looks like the outside of the hotel. Kids will have hours of fun rearranging the rooms and creating new monster scenarios.

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