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Crash Café is a roll and write game for 1 or more players, in which you and your green, floppy-eared friends put your collective ingenuity and enthusiasm to the tremendous task of running an abandoned café together. Take breaks and eat sugary goblin snacks to build energy, then spend it to roll events and see how the days at your goblin-run café unfold! But be careful: Too many sweet treats or goblin antics and you'll succumb to your INNER GOBLIN CHAOS, with unpredictable results. None of you have any idea how to do this, but by gob, you're gonna make it work, and not just because you get to caffeinate on the job for free. Work together to earn a 5-star rating from the local food faeries!

Crash Café is a 1-page rpg that requires a full set of polyhedral dice.

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