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Designed by Gamers for Gamers

A4 sized, with imprinted logo, self-healing and with measure indicators, The Army Painter Cutting Mat is the best assistant for your wargaming projects. With it, you will never again worry about damaging your work surfaces or blunting your cutting blades.

High Quality for Perfect Results

The self-healing mat is made of the finest quality PVC plastic, it’s non-toxic, non-slip, odorless and it re-seals after every cut. This hobby mat measures exactly 8.7” x 11.8” (220mm x 300mm), and its A4 size is compatible with The Army Painter Project Paint Station - you can put it and store it on the board. It ships flat and stays flat.

Useful Tip

Clean your hobby cutting mat by soaking it in a gallon of cool water (not warm or hot) with a ¼ cup of white vinegar and some mild soap. You may use a soft bristle brush. Dry flat. This technology will prolong the life of the matt.

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