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Die Laughing is a short-play, GM-less tabletop roleplaying game where players portray characters in a horror-comedy movie. Everyone's going to die. It's just a matter of when and how funny you can make it. 

After your character is gone, you become a producer on the movie and continue to influence the story and mess with the other characters right up until the bloody end.

Die Laughing requires just a few minutes of preparation to play. Players choose characters and make a few, quick choices. Then you just pick a monster and you’re ready to die.

4-8 players; plays in 1-2 hours

All-in-One Game

This is an all-in-one game book with full rules for everyone playing. You just need some six-sided dice and some pencils or pens. 

Game book contains:

  • Complete rules
  • 24 character archetypes
  • 24 monsters
  • 3-act scene structure guiding you through making your horror-comedy movie
  • Optional rules for post-credits scenes, sequels, alternate roles, online play, etc.
  • Worksheets for making your own character archetypes and monsters
  • Some other crap like a table of contents, index, etc.