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Deeper into Dunwall

The Dishonored RPG transports you to the Empire of the Isles and beyond, to the conspiracies and machinations of its political class, religious sects, and populist factions.

Inside, you'll find:

 • A GM Mat with key rules and a dedicated area to track Chaos, reference sheets for your players, and a set of Chaos and Momentum tokens.

 • Gamemaster advice for using Chaos to its full potential to keep your games exciting and players on the edge of their seats.

 • A whole host of new Dunwall locations to explore, as well as a short adventure set in the Roseburrow Ruin.

 • New optional rules for crafting, inventing, and tinkering, allowing you to follow in the footsteps of Dishonored greatest inventors.

 • Advice for alternative ways to start your campaigns that focuses on putting the story you want to tell at the center of your game.

 • New NPCs that can serve as useful allies or dangerous adversaries for your players.
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