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10S-JUZ-109 is a “10Standard” 4Ground model kit with high detail and pre-painted parts.

District I of Hellas is often known as Central, this is mainly due to the fact that this district remains the site of the original Hellas colony (the second Martian Colony after the first, situated at the foot of Olympus Mons). Though Hellas was the second colony it was the first to be predominantly built ‘Top-Side’ (on the surface of the planet) rather than in caves and caverns below the surface as the original colony, Mons Prime, was.

Like so many successfully urban zones, Hellas has expanded and while expanding the coveted central district has constantly rejuvenated itself.  Gone are all vestige of the original buildings and now Central’s architecture is made of the most advanced materials like Plascreate, Loramid and Phototropix.

Central is, as it has always been, the social and governance hub of Hellas as well as being the planetaria seat of power and home to the planetary capital buildings for the last five hundred and thirty years.  As such an important location, many major banking and industrial corporations have their headquarter buildings here, such as the ACSEON Tower and even the numerous buildings of the sprawling campus of Roberts & Klien university are built to impressive.

This building is the Hellas Jessarrai main branch offices of Withers & Burns Banking & securities.  The exo-structure of this the central branch of W&B Bank was formed from ‘Active Loramid’ which was fed plascreate compond as it formed.  Expensive materials in their construction are typical of District I buildings like this one and even the external windows of this bank are glazed with the phenomenally costly ‘Intex Phototropix-3rdG’.  Phototropix glass changes its opacity depending on ambient light, this means that as you walk through District I it will give different hues and colours throughout the day. Though the use of the latest generation of Phototropix makes this building extremely resistant to the elements including Marsquake (more powerful than Earthquakes due to the lower gravity of Mars), ‘Intex’ claim even many modern ballistic and explosive weaponry would find it hard to distort let alone damage Phototropix 3rdG. 

W&B Banking & Securities  is a subsidiary of the ACSEON mega corporation and although all of the ‘Mega-Corps’ have subsidiaries that are financial giants in their own rights, ACSEON’s W&B is the major financial power house of Mars, possibly even all of humanity.  ACSEON is an old body, it was even one of the major corporations at the outbreak of the ‘Titan Wars’ and one of the first to ship its centure of operations to Mars just prior to ‘The Rout of Man’.  One of the first ‘Mega-Corps’ and still one of the strongest ACSEON has outposts and operations in every major settlement of mankind from Venus to Europa.  Their motto is “There are only two reasons a person does anything, the right reason and the real reason”.

This kit contains one District I Bank

This building has a footprint of approx 45 square inches.

This is a 10mm Scale model kit, it is supplied with pre-painted parts but requires assembly.

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