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Pretenders from all over the land are vying for the evil throne, but they want that throne to be properly spruced up first. And that's where you come in.

You are a dungeon decorator who specializes in setting up cozy underground spaces with just the right "lair-y" feel for your clients. You will compete to build the best dungeon with all the right accoutrements, so that you villainous clients can move in, feel at home, and get right down to evilling.

Dungeon Decorators is a light strategy game where you draft tiles to build chilling chambers, harrowing hallways, and dire decorations. Each tile has a dungeon and a decoration side, and you'll need the right combination of both to score goal cards from your hand and compete over boss goals from the clients you are trying to impress.
Those clients won't wait forever for you to perfect your vision, though! Once you've drawn all three hourglass tiles from the bag, it's game over, so play stays exciting right to the end. And since you're aiming to please different nefarious bosses each game, no two playthroughs are the same!

120 Dungeon Tiles
10 Generic Room/Hallway Tiles
4 Starting Tiles
3 Hourglass Tiles
4 Player Mats
1 Draft Board
8 50-Point Tokens
10 Decorative Mimic Tokens
10 Arcane Architect Tokens
36 Shape Goal Cards
36 Decoration Goal Cards
18 Boss Goal Cards
4 Rules Reminder Cards
2 Cloth Bags
4 Player Pawns
4 Score Cubes

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 40-80 minutes
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