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The Wastelander's Handbook is a player's guide to creating a character and delving into the Wastelands of the New World in Earth: After Death, the spiritual successor to Gamma World. This novel d20-based system brings the advanced systems and crunch of 80s and 90s RPGs back in a digestible and easy-to-understand format, guaranteed to be Crystal Clear*!

Earth: After Death is an old-school roleplaying game designed and billed as the spiritual successor to TSR's Gamma World. Combining the terror of classic dungeon crawling with modern quality of life improvements and a novel new d20-driven system, Earth: After Death is perfect for both old-school gamers and those wanting to experience more than what 5e has to offer.

Contains everything you need to run your first games including:

- 5 starting Strains of humanity, including Abandoned mutants, the eclectic Ghost machines, and just bog-standard humans.
- Full lists for weapons, armour, and exploration items like gas masks.
- A Level-Up system that uses Skill Points as well as intermittent Perks - just like Fallout!
- A new easy-to-use tracking system for resources like food and energy, as well as an abstract ammunition system that makes gunplay feel crunchy without the busywork.
- Over 100 mutations, rules of Stress and Rad accumulation, and bartering rules.
- Contains the Overseer's Pamphlet to get GM's prepped for running games and dolling out rewards.
- Rules for dungeon- and hex-crawling, including accounting for encumbrance, radiation, and more!

Be sure to head over to to find character sheets and to send your critiques and comments and help make the full release in 2024 even better, and get your name in the upcoming 1e books!

* Crystal Carlson is an editor on this project and is therefore a benchmark for comprehension.
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