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**Requires the Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook**

Matching wit and skill against the greatest masters of the blade ever to live. Witnessing history’s greatest and most tragic moments. Living, loving, and losing those closest to you, because you never age, fall sick, or suffer the passage of time. Putting your ageless life and soul on the line in an epic duel, fighting for the fate of all humanity. This is the life of an immortal hero in the world of Highlander. Three exciting new classes are included, perfect for playing immortal or mortal warriors, plus new backgrounds, professions, and feats. “Origin” rules detail creating immortal heroes for Everyday Heroes. And, of course, a dueling system for running unforgettable one-on-one contests, mechanics for taking your opponent’s head, and much more. This book includes a feature-length adventure: A Measure of Revenge. Stand at the side of Joan of Arc and help her achieve legendary victory at the Siege of Orléans, then follow a mystery whose threads lead to modern-day New York City, a museum heist, and revenge. 

A TTRPG Cinematic Adventure™ that’s 5e compatible, officially licensed and set in the world of Highlander. Highlander is a Cinematic Adventure for use with the Everyday Heroes™ Roleplaying Game. You need the Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook to understand and play the contents of this book.

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