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Meet the BEST Wet Palette for Miniature Painters and Hobbyists.

Whether you’re an on-the-go painter attending classes, conventions and paint nights, a novice home painter, an advanced studio painter, or anything in between, the Exemplar Premier Wet Palette System is the perfect wet palette for painters of all skill levels and lifestyles, providing professional level quality and functionality, without breaking the bank.

The Exemplar Premier Wet Palette System, a combination of the Exemplar Wet Palette and our fine-tuned Exemplar Wet Palette Supplies, is the culmination of countless hours designing, testing and working with engineers, manufacturers and most importantly painters and hobbyists to create the absolute BEST wet palette for miniature painters of any skill level.

The Exemplar Premier Wet Palette System features a high-performance, replaceable silicone seal that works together with a sturdy four-point closure system, ensuring you always have the best seal on your palette. To help regulate the moisture in your palette based on your climate and painting preferences, we have also added a separate air release/vacuum valve on the lid. A sealed Exemplar Palette can retain moisture for days, weeks and even months. With a highly refined parchment rooted wet palette paper, and an extraordinarily absorbent, microporous sponge the moisture control on the palette surface is unparalleled while remaining affordable.

In addition to the advanced wet palette features, every Exemplar Premier Wet Palette System includes a professional mixing tray/dry palette/brush rest that stores neatly inside a flip-top storage area built into the lid. The Exemplar Premier Wet Palette’s novel flip-top lid not only has room to store the dry palette, it can also fit up to 8 brushes with caps and functions as an phone/device stand and reference art stand.

Our Exemplar Wet Palette Paper Just Got Even Better!

Since the launch of the Exemplar Wet Palette we have received glowing reviews from thousands and thousands of painters of all skill levels around the world. Always wanting to improve the painting and hobby experience, we went back to the lab to create the most advanced parchment based wet palette refills available. The new refills not only work with your current Game Envy wet palette, they take it to the next level! With even better moisture regulation and durability our wet palette paper goes above and beyond to keep your paints fluid and usable longer without diluting them allowing for perfect mixing and blending. Additionally, our parchment blend works just like you are used to, so it is easier to get painting faster.

Each Exemplar Wet Palette includes the Wet Palette, Mixing Tray, 50 Sheets of the NEW Exemplar Wet Palette Paper, 2 Exemplar Wet Palette Sponges and a bonus wet palette paper squeegee.

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