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The Wasteland is alive and in constant flux. Creatures pass through, settlers come and go, items become buried while the winds blow away the dust revealing that which was once lost. Into the Wasteland allows you to take your force out into the wilds of the Wasteland to explore and survive.

Into the Wasteland is an expansion for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare that provides players with new rules to really explore the wasteland. Generate new scenarios and discover new habitats and encounter new threats in your quest to make the post-war world your own.

This expansion features new scenarios and cards that allow players to discover new battlefield areas. It also allows players to generate random encounters with enemies as they explore the wasteland.

This Set Includes:

 • A booklet with the rules needed to play the Into the Wasteland expansion.

 • 22 new Natural Behavior AI cards and 26 Natural Behavior summary cards.

 • 8 new Battlefield cards, 12 new Environment Cards, 3 new Modification cards, 10 new Player Purposes cards, 6 new Legendary Creatures reference cards, 17 new Unit cards, and 25 new Weapon cards.

 • Rules for Wasteland Scenarios, Habitats, Natural Behavior, and Legendary Behavior.

 • A new campaign, "To the Rescue"
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