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Is it HOT in here? Roll the Feisty Dice to create colour combinations. The first to check off all flame colours wins, but remember to keep a fierce eye on your competition!

What's in the box?

25 dice
Five wipe-off score boards
Five erase markers
Five free roll fireballs
How to play:

Each feisty die features six colours: the five player colours (orange, red, purple, blue and green) plus yellow, which is neutral.

On your turn, your objective is to either roll one die of each colour OR roll the most dice of the same colour.

Each turn has three steps:

Roll dice – roll all of your dice at once. Determine your objective based on the roll. Will you try to get one of each colour or the most dice of one colour? Set aside any dice you want to keep and re-roll the remaining dice one more time
Score your turn – when you’ve completed your rolls, check the relevant boxes on your score board
Hand over select dice to opponents – claim all dice of your colour and yellow dice to use on your next turn. Your opponents will then take their coloured dice from you. If playing with less than 5 players, unclaimed dice are passed to the player on your left.
The first player to check every colour box on their score board wins!

Feisty Dice comes in a travel-friendly tin and the wipe-off boards allow for replayability!

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