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Berlin 1942, a gray morning, an apartment, a suburban building. You head them coming with sirens blaring and ran to the only place you could hide: the attic. It's dark here, the ducts inside the walls carry the sounds of the tormentors searching the building for you. You hold your breath. Then a whisper. You are not alone.

First They Came is a roleplaying game that tells the story of a group of fugitives in the Berlin of 1942. Designed with original mechanics and transmedia materials, First They Came is one a kind. You play in the dark or blindfolded, guided by audio tracks that reproduce the different environments in which the story unfolds. It is an immersive, touching experience that will allow you to live a deep and human experience.

In First They Came, you step into the role of those persecuted by the regime for ethnic, political, gender, or religious reasons. Deep and human characters, with their doubts and weaknesses, looking for a difficult redemption because they too, in order to survive, have done things they are not proud of.

First They Came is designed for one-shot sessions lasting 2-3 hours for 3-5 players, needs no game master or preparation, is not just a manual, but a richly illustrated, full-color artbook.

The entire game is supported and complemented by audio tracks designed to take immersion and identification to a higher level. The music and ambient sounds are organically incorporated into the different scenes and provide atmospheres, clues, and threats that will make you really feel side by side with your characters.
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