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Ragnarock is a Role Playing Game of Epic Heavy Metal Fantasy! What the f**ck does that even mean?

Did you ever listen to heart-bustingly loud music and imagine a world where everything kicks ass? Did you ever read magazines filled with hot bodies, and hang out in comic-book stores reading tales of fantasy, magic, and dragons? And did you ever want to have a "harsh" and "gritty" version of your fantasy without getting too bogged down with the depressive elements that often come with that territory? Then you may be a fan.

 • Ragnarock is unlike [INSERT STANDARD FANTASY GAME HERE]. So if you've played other systems, forget everything you know about 'em.

 • Form your Band, work together, and embark on epic adventures in the world of RagnaROCK!

 • To succeed in actions, players must roll a dice pool and group the results into results of 5 (lowest numbers first). These groups of 5 create Tributes.

 • Skills, Equipment, Difficulty, and Tributes will all potentially affect die results, creating a final result.

 • Players can use Tributes from other players during their resolutions, sometimes even gaining "synergy" bonuses.

 • Ragnarock is a game about doing awesome things, all the time, together.

198 pages
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