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The most interesting day of a person's life is the day when it ends.

But this isn't a place for ordinary people. This is a place for the strong, the worthy, and those willing to compromise everything.

What is Gratitude?

In short, Gratitude is a storytelling game about trying to please an unknowable god-being in the hopes of being able to leave this terrible place. Once you die – and you will die – you might return as a Haunt, a pale shade of what you were in life. And you will turn against those you most recently called friends.

This is a game about losing everything.

This is a game about being grateful for what you have. 

Gratitude uses simple, hackable mechanics where players roll a die and try to beat the Fear Die in the middle of the table. On a success, the Fear Die increases, and on a failure they take damage equal to the Fear Die. This ensures tensions are always rising!

The world of Gratitude is an incredible, harrowing place where the atmosphere is toxic, the dogs are large (and rideable), and five factions rule with otherworldly power. Ultimately, the world of Gratitude sits at the whims of the Overseersr, unknowable rulers who can bend reality at will. Stealing power from them is dangerous, illegal, and extremely common.

Gratitude is a game of Body Horror, which involves violating the sanctity of mind and body, and of Cosmic Horror, which reminds us that we are small and insignificant. Gratitude is a game about loss, and about being grateful for what we have.
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