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Gravemire is a tabletop roleplaying game about death, growth, horror, and survival, based in an original mechanical framework and set in the churning waters of the Louisiana bayou circa 1894. Players slip into the roles of outsiders arriving in the town of Scarstone, a rural outpost that has been warped by a terrible transformation known as the Convulsion. Once, Scarstone was surrounded by similar towns. The Bayou once had an end. Now, unknowable numbers of horrors seep through the uncharted backwaters, strange magic contorts reality to its whims, and the settlements that called Scarstone their neighbor jut half-ruined from the mire like bones from a wound. Times have changed.

Protecting Scarstone from this shifting threat is the Border, a magical barrier visible to the naked eye as a ring of constant fireflies. Nothing gets past the Border into the town proper, except perhaps for the smell. And since those who wanted—and could afford—to get away from the town have done so, all that is left are townsfolk who’ve put down roots too deep to move, the ones who have nothing left to lose… and you.

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