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The Hatchet Heavy Chopper is a powerhouse for Democracy forces. Able to carry a heavy payload of missiles as well as a contingent of infantry forces, the Hatchet is usually the first response to Bot Attacks. It is often deployed with a Firefly Chopper escort with both vehicles using their firepower and maneuverability. The Conqueror is called upon when supersonic air support is required. Only the most highly skilled Democracy pilots are permitted to pilot the Conqueror and the side of its canopy are proudly marked with the confirmed destruction of more than 30 Atlantican tanks.

This resin multipart kit has enough parts to make 1 x Hatchet Heavy Chopper, 1 x Firefly Attack Chopper and 1 x Conqueror Jet. Comes with 3 x 40mm round black plastic bases and 3 flight stands.

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